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Search page: Escaped ampersands in page’s title
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When I go to

the page’s displayed title is

"Résultats de recherche pour « untitreinexistant » - Wikipédia"

instead of

"Résultats de recherche pour « untitreinexistant » - Wikipédia"

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Needs Triage.Nov 22 2014, 2:36 AM
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I thought "Search" was only for the search engine, not for the display of messages on Special:Search ("Issues relating to the search engine")?

So long as the right people are on the CC list the bug will be noticed if you poke it enough.

When I click on your link I do not see the unescaped text. Did the url get cut off somehow?

Are you using French as interface language? Maybe

would have been better

Screenshot not showing problem

I still don't see it. Am I looking in the wrong spot? Could you attach a screenshot?


Bug_58693.png (545×1 px, 82 KB)

(hum, there are two title on a page, let’s be more precise)

I’m speaking about <title> tag which sets the windows’ title

Ah! Now I understand and I do, indeed, see the bug:
<title>Résultats de recherche pour «&amp;#160;untitreinexistant&amp;#160;» - Wikipédia</title>

Not sure why the gerrit bot didn't get this. Patch merged to fix it here: