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Enable fulltext search in edit summaries (and logs)
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The search engines should enable to scan texts of edit summaries and some types of logs (page deletion etc.).

(Sub-request split out into T137762: Enable "what links here" detection of wikilinks in edit summaries (and logs))

(Merged duplicate description)

I would like to be able to get a list of all edits made with a specific editsummary (but not limited to one specific editor, like this tool). -- The Quixotic Potato (talk) 06:41, 29 September 2015 (UTC)

This card tracks a proposal from the 2015 Community Wishlist Survey:
This proposal received 30 support votes, and was ranked #33 out of 107 proposals.



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The search engine only cares about the latest version of the page so this is only marginally useful imho.

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@Deskana Would you (or someone) be able to give some more details, on the technical feasibility and likely blockers, for eventually implementing this? It would be especially good to know, if there are any particular aspects that a volunteer dev could work on, to help slowly move the task forward.

One comment in the community wishlist, notes that there's the existing hashtag search tool, e.g. (more details at the blog post) and asks if that tool could possibly be extended somehow?

Or, possibly the tool that currently works for searching through the edit summaries of a single-user, could be extended somehow?

We currently have 834,678,512+ revisions in the Enwiki database alone, so I grok this isn't easy. :)

[Addendum: Or maybe via Quarry?]

Hi - this sounds like it is completely feasible to do, but it'll be a huge (multiple quarters) amount of work. :(

Removing Discovery-Search; given the massive amount of effort here, we are practically speaking never going to get around to this.