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css classes for different kinds of edit summaries
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"If I understand right, the first part of all or most of the edit summaries for edits on items and properties are auto-generated. Is this done once per edit or on demand every time a list of recent changes, contributions etc. is built? In the latter case, I think it should not be a big deal to also add a css class dedicated for that type of edit (added/changed/removed, label/description/alias/statement/sitelink, etc. ... maybe even which language was affected). I guess it could be of benefit if a user had the chance to visualize those different types of edits in different colors, or even filter them by a little script. E.g. when patrolling recent changes for vandalism, I hardly care about edits that add sitelinks while changing a claim has a high potential of being vandalism, but chances are that I miss that edit between all those that I don't care for. So would that be possible? --YMS (talk) 13:18, 18 December 2013 (UTC)"

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Severity: normal
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