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getOAuthAccessToken() should check title before invoking isSpecial()
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The fatal stack trace in Bug 58705 suggests that calling $wgLang->getDir() to determine RTL direction can trigger establishing a user, which can run the UserLoadFromSession hook, in response OAuth's getOAuthAccessToken() calls $title->isSpecial()... which crashes with "Fatal error: Call to a member function isSpecial() on a non-object" because if you do this early enough, RequestContext::getMain() ->getTitle() doesn't return a title object.

Bug 58380 ended up at the same fatal It seems there enough ways this could fail that the getOAuthAccessToken() function should guard against it.

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Note that "check the title" means either "throw an MWException" or "figure out a way to do this same check that doesn't involve RequestContext::getMain()->getTitle() at all". Suggestions welcome.

Both of the fatals so far were caused by other extensions trying to access the User object from $wgExtensionHooks, which now has documentation saying not to do that.

Thanks for opening the bug S. I've been trying to think of a better way to do this for a while.

Brad, should onUserLoadFromSession check if this is an api call, and only fill the user object if so? Then we can skip the check if it's a special page.

It *could*, I suppose. I think it's nice that OAuth can work for the whole site and not just the API though.

Fixing 41201 would be even better.

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