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support for sqlite journal in memory
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To be able to rollback transactions, sqlite write a journal file on disk which is kind of slow. When one doesn't care about dataloss (ex a dev wiki), it would be nice to have the journal held in memory and thus saving disk I/O.


Whenever a connection to a sqlite file is made, one can issue the command:

pragma journal_mode=memory;

Should probably be yet another global variable such as $wgSqliteJournalMode

Version: 1.23.0
Severity: enhancement



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Mmm, so you're proposing a change analogous to downgrading MySQL from InnoDB to MyISAM?:P

For testing purpose, we don't care about lost of data during transaction, at worth test will fail :-D That is merely to speed up tests when being run against a sqlite backend.

I am abandoning the idea, not much idea to implement that.