Special pages should contain "Feedback" tab
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Author: creidieki+wikibugs

At the moment, there's no clear way for (clueless) users to provide feedback on Special Pages.
These are the only pages on the site that don't have a tab at the top of the page for discussion or
suggestions. Could a "Feedback" or "Discussion" tab be added to the top of all pages in the
Special namespace, so that users can make suggestions?

I don't know whether it would be better to link this tab to a "Special Talk" page, or to the
Village Pump, or what. Could this be configurable per-wiki?

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Severity: enhancement
OS: Windows XP
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avarab wrote:

I've written an extension to do this, Special_talk.php in the extensions module

Marking this as FIXED in CVS HEAD.

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Well, anything like this should be off by default, as small wikis
"didn't write, and maybe aren't even aware of" many special pages'
existence. "Therefore the user with a comment would be better off
hitting the "Made by MediaWiki" logo", to find the real perpetrators...

@Technical13: See T6078#84759 - if you want something to be deployed on Wikimedia sites that is a separate request

@Aklapper T6078#84759 just brings me back here. I'm not sure what you want me to see.

That this task was closed as fixed because avarab wrote an extension in 2005. That's also why this is under "MediaWiki-extensions-Extensions-requests". It's unrelated to wherever something is available on specific Wikimedia sites as this is about MediaWiki.

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