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Provide upgrade path for jira users
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Currently, no clear upgrade path from jira to bugzilla exists (except 'copy-paste all bugs'). Converting bugs should be possible; the BZ end already exists (although somewhat buggy) as

JIRA provides a REST API:

see for docs

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I hacked together a working conversion bot today. See for example


The bots needs closing rights on the project on JIRA - the easiest is to add 'Bugzilla Bot Exporter (valhallasw)' to the admin group on<PROJECT KEY>/people

On the BZ end, the bot can set the assigned user, but currently does not have the rights to do this.

The bot only supports a single product/component/version, BUT takes JQL queries as input. If multiple products/compontnts/versions are required, this can be done by filtering the jira end using JQL and running the bot multiple times.

Process, as sent to toolserver-l:

Hello all,

Today, I hacked together a JIRA migration tool. If you want your bugs migrated please do the following two things:

  1. Under Administration, <your project>, People, add 'Bugzilla Bug Exporter (valhallasw)' to 'Administrators' and click 'Update'. Otherwise, the bot cannot close the bug.
  1. File a bug in bugzilla using the following link:,
  1. Your bugs will be migrated for you! See for an example of what the converted bug looks like.

I would have hoped for a "nicer" result (i. e. that the bug looks as if it has always been in Bugzilla, with usernames & Co.), but - wow! :-) Thanks.

It's technically possible, but it requires command-line access to the bugzilla server. Andre mentioned he preferred this solution (as it's not clear what the security/stability implications are of imports via the command line).

I have improved on two things now:

  • a different message format; instead of using the 'reply' format, use something more like a 'forward' format, i.e.

From: Merlijn van Deen <....>

Date: Wed, Jan 1 2013, etc


  • linebreaks etc. are now converted. JIRA only hands a plain text version without any newlines by default. I now parse the html version of messages back to text.

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It's technically possible, but it requires command-line access to the
server. [...]

There would also be the problem of JIRA functionality missing their counterparts in Bugzilla, e. g. resolutions "Answered", "Declined", etc., so definitely not trivial.

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Today, I hacked together a JIRA migration tool.

Whou. Congrats, seriously!