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Migrate* to Tool Labs and provide redirect
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Move to toolslabs.

Used as dependency on other scripts.



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Contributors.php now redirects to CatScan, which is not what users are looking for.

Best regards,

Hey folks! Sorry for the inconvenience. The WikiSense code is old and crufty, and not easy to port. Parts of it rely in nasty ways on some bits of some old version of MediaWiki... in a word, I'll try to get this done, but I can't promise when or which tools.

As to the redirect to CatScan: CatScan.php should now redirect to Magnus' catscan2 tool, which offers more or less the same functionality. The fact that other WikiSense tools now also redirect there now is a mistake. I'll try to get that fixed.

metatron wrote:

I can offer a working replacement.


-> section Top editors

I you don't mind changing the redirect, temporarily until the issue is fixed or permanently, to ease the pain.

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I'm confused: what was redirected to what?

Redirect 301 /~daniel/WikiSense/CatScan.php
Redirect 301 /~daniel/WikiSense/CategoryIntersect.php
Redirect 301 /~daniel/WikiSense/Contributors.php
Redirect 301 /~daniel/WikiSense/

Guess the last wikisense url is still under construction though...

He7d3r subscribed.

So, we only have the redirect part of this request. The migration is not done, as we still get "No webservice" for

I've restarted the webservice, but it seems Wikisense hasn't been migrated yet.

I've restarted the webservice, but it seems Wikisense hasn't been migrated yet.

And I'm quite sure Daniel isn't going to move it. Putting this one on stalled because I don't seen anyone getting up to do this.

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I've restarted the webservice, but it seems Wikisense hasn't been migrated yet.

Unfortunately, yes :(

Maybe it should be removed from :c:Commons:Tools .....

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I hereby officially declare WikiSense dead. Sorry folks.

There are far better replacements for most of the tools. Getting ten your old cruft op to speed is not worth the pain.

CatScan doesn't quite yet support the same use cases.

@KasiaWMDE: Can WMDE migrate this tool please? It is a very useful tool.
@daniel: Can you publish the source code please?

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@Steinsplitter Which tool, exactly? WikiSense was a collection of about 20 tools. Do you mean CatScan?

These tools were build on a very old version of MediaWiki. There is no sane way to migrate or port them. They would need a rewrite.

I suggest that you request the creation of the tools/functionality in a separate ticket.

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I close this as declined again, since the toolserver project "WikiSense", as created by me as a volunteer, will not be ported. I can dig out the source code from some old backup if need be, but I doubt that it would be very useful.

If you are missing some functionality that some WikiSense tool used to provide, please file a separate ticket describing the exact functionality you want.

You used a sql query to get the cats or how you do? It was api-only based?

If you publish the source code other users can look into it and try a rewrite.