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Transition service groups to new globally unique names and UIDs
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The current service group scheme, while workable, has design issues that cause problems with services global to all projects (NFS and databases being the primary examples).

Proposed new implementation:

  • Globally unique UID/GIDs (that, I believe, is already the case)
  • Names in the form $projectname.$groupname (rather than local-$groupname)
  • All service groups under a single OU (and not per-project OUs)


  • usernames and group names must disallow '.'

Ideally, the division on what system to use should be per-region so that functionality in pmtpa is not impaired while the new system is geared up in eqiad.

(The change from one to the other implies changes in many system settings/scripts, not all of which could be tweaked to understand both schemes).

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Can you tell me more about the motivation for this? Could the need for this refactor be obviated with a couple of ldap tools that do the lookups?

There are a number: NFS expect usernames and group names to match between client and server when not using Kerberos, that's obviously not possible with non-unique names (right now it's hacked around by having a cron job read from ldap and construct a local /etc/group and /etc/passwd based on it; that's not robust, and very hacky)

Gerrit, otoh, needs to have a single source of group names and cannot combine things coming from more than one OU at all (unique or not).

Ryan had a couple of other scenarios where having a list of unique service groups names was desirable or necessary.

Gerrit was honestly the main motivation for me. It would allow service groups to maintain gerrit repos.

Hm... what will happen to service users and home directories during this change?

Presumably there's no need for the homedir to move. But, the usernames are local-<groupname> currently, right? What are the implications of renaming a user but leaving the UID the same?

For /most/ thing it's a noop. There are a few tools that will not like groups and users being renamed (mostly those that match against /^local-.*/ and such), but I'll perfrom a hunt-and-seek for those before switching which OU the instances use.

ok -- I've started to code to support both schema at the same time, but the special usernames seem like a stumbling block. We can't support both of those at once without creating extra users and uids, which would just make things worse.

As I suppose this requires converting the records for service groups from one LDAP section to another, there are two housekeeping items that could be bundled with that:

  • Fixing the "chown" rule in sudoers (cf. Gerrit change #111755),
  • trimming trailing slashes on the home directories (cf. bug #54074, comment #3).

List of members in old, but not new service groups in the Tools project:

  • acc-utilities: deltaquad
  • anagrimes: jackpotte, psychoslave
  • arkivbot: profoss
  • betaweb: bharris
  • bookmanagerv2: danilo, mollywhite
  • catmonitor: profoss
  • checkpersondata: sk
  • citation-bot: smith609
  • citations: maximilianklein, smith609
  • citeimage: dominic
  • cluestuff: damian, legoktm
  • cobain: arnaugir, coet, madutgn
  • codelookup: robin
  • common-interests: cyberpower678
  • connectivity: jkroll, lvova
  • csbot: laner
  • cyberworm: wormtt
  • dispatcher: yuvipanda
  • doi-bot: maximilianklein
  • dplbot: jason
  • dumpscan: valhallasw, yuvipanda
  • editcountitis: legoktm
  • geohack: kolossos
  • geoloc: gretal, marianneh, pidancier
  • grantsbot: ciphers
  • grouplens: auduwage
  • hasteurbot: earwig, theopolisme
  • intuition: siebrand
  • logger: petrb, yuvipanda
  • logs: marc
  • mahdiz: ladsgroup, reza
  • math: mattflaschen, ori
  • mfw-bww: mf-warburg
  • morebots: andrew, dzahn, jeremyb, mattflaschen, ori
  • mwp: earwig
  • nara: dominic
  • periodssuck: yuvipanda
  • quentintools: quentinv57
  • quentinv57-tools: quentinv57
  • reasonator: ladsgroup
  • render: daniel, knissen
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  • repi: valhallasw
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  • testwikistats: steinsplitter
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  • wyimportbot: hazard-sj
  • xstools: tparis
  • xtools: tparis
  • yifeibot: gabrielchihonglee, steinsplitter

I've refreshed all service groups in comment #9 ([[wikitech:Special:NovaServiceGroup]], "Manage members", "[Submit]"), so all service group memberships are now in sync apart from tools.local-awb which is the subject of bug #63754.

Change 142051 had a related patch set uploaded by Krinkle:
Purge support for the old-school "local-*" service groups

Change 142051 had a related patch set uploaded by Andrew Bogott:
Purge support for the old-school "local-*" service groups

Change 142051 merged by jenkins-bot:
Purge support for the old-school "local-*" service groups

All groups are renamed and the GUI now reflects the new <project>-<toolname> scheme.

Anything left to do here?

I think this bug can be closed.