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Firefox 26 under linux Fedora crashes on Wikipedia access
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Author: doug.huffman1

Wikipedia can be reliably accessed only in Firefox SafeMode, otherwise FF crashes without Mozilla Crash Reporter. The only FF add-on is Adblock Plus, and Wikipedia access is unreliable in not-SafeMode, usually or inconsistently crashing the browser.

I have not noticed the difficulty accessing Wkitionary or Wikiquote.

The crash frequently is observed to occur while uploading from

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Linux
Platform: PC



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I use Adblock Plus, run Firefox 26.0, and have no problems.

Please follow the steps on and feel free to report back, however I don't expect any issues with Wikipedia here. Plus even if that was the case, Firefox should not crash, which is something to fix in the Firefox codebase at .

doug.huffman1 wrote:

Thank you Andre Klapper for your response.

I have "followed the steps" but they fail at Crash Reporter (not apparently present), about:crashes (empty), and Reset button (not apparently present).

The meta-Wiki forum has some on point discussion about their SSL coding, and I have appealed to for assistance. This issue arose a couple of weeks after my contribution to the Wiki operation.

I agree that FF should not crash, it is the fix that I am requesting and attempting to assist.