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RTL related issue with Mozilla Firefox and Netscape: text and checkboxes get squeezed; implement workaround
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Author: gangleri


screen dump follows

The screen dump shows [[wiktionary:yi:special:Watchlist/edit]] viewed with
Mozilla Firefox, Netscape and Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer shows a space between the checkboxes and the titles. If you
look at the watchlist with Mozilla Firefox or Netscape you will *not* see the space.

*note* This might be a browser related issue or might be fixed changing
Monobook.css .

This behavior can be experienced also at other RTL wikis. See
[[wikipedia:ar:special:Watchlist/edit]] etc.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

Version: unspecified
Severity: trivial



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gangleri wrote:

screen dump for bug 04114


gangleri wrote:

from Uri:

This is almost certainly due to Margins
unfortunately don't work well on inline elements (such as the
checkbox) in RTL context.

gangleri wrote:

The squeezing of chackboxes and text is a more general problem. Changed the
subject to reflect this.

compare the checkboxes using ?action=edit / &action=edit in
where both do *not* align properly
( [[ar:MediaWiki:Watchthis?action=edit]] ) has a fix but
has *none*
where *both*
have a fix
where *both*
have a fix but the seccond is different

It should be possible to fix all RTL type "special:Watchlist/edit" as
[[ar:special:Watchlist/edit]] ... [[wiktionary:yi:special:Watchlist/edit]] in a
similar fashion using heading and / or trailing  

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

gangleri wrote:

alternative link to ilustrate the problems might be links from "sister projects"
where the workaround is not implemented yet:

gangleri wrote:

screen dump showing some differencies using &#nnnn; versus UTF-8 characters in MediaWiki Messages

regarding comment 3 you may experience some differencies using &#nnnn; versus
UTF-8 characters in MediaWiki Messages

Text from the first example:
this example in Mozilla Firefox
url is contains
 ‫זײַט אױפֿפּאַס contains
Ignore any warnings

Text from the second example:
this example in Mozilla Firefox after   is replaced with UTF-8
url is contains
‫‫זײַט אױפֿפּאַסן ‫ contains
Ignore any warnings

regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]


gangleri wrote:

describes a way to fix [[ar:special:Watchlist/edit]] (login required).

Please note that
. ' ' . (isRTL() ? '‏' : '‎')
$sk->makeLink( $t, $t ) .

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

robchur wrote:

Fixed in CVS HEAD.

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