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Show extended EXIF details broken
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The link to "Show extended details" in the new-style exif box is not currently
working. The link just appends a # to the end the file name, which just takes
you to the top of the current page. i.e. on Image:Foo.jpg clicking the extended
details link takes you to Image:Foo.jpg#

This is happening on en.wp and on commons. I've not tried it elsewhere.

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Works fine for me. Please provide details: exact URLs, browser version,
operating system, logged in / out state, whether you've tried reloads, clearing
cache, etc.

Example url:
although this happens with all images I've tried.
It happens on images I've just uplaoded, uploaded a while ago, and on images
I've had nothing to do with.
The same thing happens on en.wp.
It happens whether I'm logged in or not, clearing the cache and/or reloading
makes no difference.
I happens using firefox 1.0 on linux and firefox 1.7 on windows XP, but using
Konqueror 3.2.3 on linux works. I do not have a way of testing on other browsers
at the moment.

Works fine in Firefox 1.5 on Windows XP for me.

If it continues to happen, please open Firefox's JavaScript Console from the Tools
menu and check for error messages.

I've checked the JavaScript Console as suggested. The only errors related to
wikipedia and commons seemed to relate to Lupin's popups script
([[Wikipedia:Tools/Navigation popups]]).
I have checked and the problem happens at en and commons where I have the script
installed, but not at meta or de where I don't.
I presume that as it works for you that you don't use these?

I will ask Lupin to take a look at this bug.

Indeed I don't use them. Try removing it and check if it clears things up.

lupin.wp wrote:

I've believe that I've fixed up my popups script to cooperate with this feature.