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Flow: should not override global h1 and h2 style
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Flow boards set the h1 page heading to font-family: Georgia, color: #1E1E1E, with no bottom border. They also set h2 outside topics to color: #231f20 with no bottom border. But then the Typography refresh Beta feature sets both h1 and h2 to font-family: "DejaVu Serif", Georgia, serif. It's confusing: it suggests titles of Flow boards will appear different from regular pages when the font change will be minimal when Vector gets the Typography refresh; templates in a Flow board header appear differently than on regular pages; if you use a Flow board to discuss the Typography refresh you get slightly different fonts.

If we think changing header typography is a generally good idea, we should do it globally in Vector; if we think Flow topics and the Flow header need different typography than the default we should give them targeted selectors (as modules/discussion/styles/topic.less already does for the topic title) rather than redefining generic tags, and be sure to say why in the comments. Dropping the bottom border from h1 is an aesthetic choice that won't work when we use a <div id="contentSub"> under the heading line to improve navigation back to a board.

I think Matthias added global h2 styling for "Historical view of a topic"; if we really need this it could be a specific .flow-history-log h2 selector.

See also bug 59155.

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bingle-admin wrote:

The WMF core features team tracks this bug on Mingle card, but people from the community are welcome to contribute here and in Gerrit.

Change 105426 had a related patch set uploaded by Spage:
Don't globally style h1 and h2

Created attachment 14519
hidden post's titlebar when using the Typography refresh Beta feature


On, go to Special:Preferences > Beta > Typography refresh then visit a Flow page that has a hidden post. The serif h2 header typography affects hidden posts. See attached. I haven't tried with the patch.

May Galloway specified that h2 in topic titles should continue to have the current sans serif layout.

Change 116474 had a related patch set uploaded by Matthias Mullie:
(bug 59636) should not override global h1 and h2 style

  • Bug 62593 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Change 116474 merged by jenkins-bot:
(bug 59636) should not override global h1 and h2 style

Change 105426 abandoned by EBernhardson:
Don't globally style h1 and h2

116474 was just merged which solves the same problem

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Re-opening, because of continued user comments about the very differently sized & styled Topic-Title font. (e.g. this comment)

Keeping the sans-serif seems reasonable [it's a different context from article/content pages], but the SIZE AND BOLDING can hopefully be re-examined. This will also reduce the vertical space that each titlebar consumes, so a double-improvement by changing it.

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