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Edit form should keep track of what the latest revision was when editing began
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Currently, the edit form only keeps track of the latest timestamp when editing began. It should also track the latest revision (in a hidden field).

Version: 1.23.0
Severity: normal



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Note: The FlaggedRevs extension currently provides this functionality (frontend/FlaggablePageView.php FlaggablePageView::addRevisionIDField), but it is needed in core.

Actually, the functionality required is not completely identical. Editing with an oldid should still yield the latest ID at the time the edit begins, while in FlaggedRevs it becomes the oldid.

You mean to say to have another button to show the difference from last revision alongside the "Show changes" button which shows difference from the latest revision when editing began?

No. As I interpret it, the "Show changes" button should always show a diff of changes from when editing began. Otherwise (in the current situation), if someone else saved since you started editing, the diff is confusing and misleading.

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