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TemplateData: Localise names of types in the HTML rendering (string, wiki-page-name, ...)
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NicoV requested at T52370 that the rendering of types (string, wiki-page-name, string/wiki-user-name, ...) also be translatable.

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Change 134928 had a related patch set uploaded by Mooeypoo:
Refactor TemplateData Editor

Change 134928 merged by jenkins-bot:
Refactor TemplateData Editor

I don’t think the original report was about the Editor. For me “HTML rendering” refers to the table displayed by TD where <templatedata> is. These are still not localised.

As Ltrlg, my initial report was about the rendering of the <templatedata> tag inside the template page, not at all about the editor (which didn't exist at the time of the report)

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I don’t think the original report was about the Editor.

Yeah, though we can easily re-use those messages. No need for a separate map. Let's rename the keys the templatedata-modal-table-param-type-* messages to templatedata-doc-param-type-* and use them in both places.

We already do this for "Status". (E.g. templatedata-doc-param-status-required localises required.)

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I started doing this but noticed a problem: The editor UI uses undefined for unknown.

Change 263918 had a related patch set uploaded (by Alex Monk):
[WIP] Localise names of types in HTML rendering

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"Jdforrester-WMF edited a custom field." is very useful, phabricator :(
Was that the security field or the points field?

Change 263918 merged by jenkins-bot:
Localise names of types in HTML rendering

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