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Desire to test Extension:SubPageList somewhere
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Extension:SubPageList looks useful for Wikisource due to its ability to manage categories where a work has 000s of subpages that are categorised, and displaying categories is burdened and pointless when it is the subpage names that are relevant, and not the work's name.

I am wondering whether we could get the extension installed on Test2 (or another suitable test environment for Wikisource capability) to evaluate the extension, and for those who wish to manage security aspects to also test and evaluate.

Version: wmf-deployment
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This sounds like something to test on wmflabs or test2; moving to QA (but feel free to move to a better place).

Filing this under Wikimedia/Extension setup described as "New extensions to get installed or enabled. Just like 'Site requests' but more specific."

I think that would be a first step.

Also, I wonder if SubPageList3 would suit your needs, it seems to already be deployed to production wikis.

Okay, I see it is at test cswiktionary, and wikiversitys. I will see if I can play at one of those. Thanks.

Okay, I see it is at test, cswiktionary, and wikiversitys.

On review, it is not about configuring the display where there are subpages listed, eg. at a category. It is the "in situ" listing of subpages in a normal fashion. Not what I want.

If anyone knows something to configure works in a categories that displays the categories/output as a designated/specific titlepart of {{PAGENAME}}, that would be brilliant.

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