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Special:Search takes a long time to load on Wikidata
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Special:Search on Wikidata takes a very long time to load since Cirrus search was made default there. It seems to work reasonably fast when using it with a search string.

(reported on Wikidata's Project chat initially)

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How long and for what queries? I'm seeing times of ~800ms on both wikidata and itwiki for some simple two word queries. OTOH it looks like enwiki, which doesn't have cirrus, takes ~600ms for the same searches. Elasticsearch is reporting that its side of those queries takes ~30ms. I'll add my own timings to the request to measure round trip time and make sure Elasticsearch is being honest. Regardless of what that reports, I'll dig further once I have that data.

Without any query. This is when simply loading

WOW! I fix that right now.

Thanks so much! :)

Fix merged. We'll find a window soon.

Verified on wikidata.