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Malayalam chillu characters in the query doesn't appear bold in results.
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Problem Screenshot

Any Malayalam chillu characters ( does not displayed as bold in results as other non-chillu characters of the query. Resulted code is something like <span class="searchmatch">ഡെ</span>ൽ<span class="searchmatch">ഹി</span> where ൽ is a chillu and part of query. Screenshot attached (searched word in screenshot is ഡെൽഹി .

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Hi, could you please provide a link to your search results in the screenshot (instead of the empty search page) and tell us which browser and version you use? Thanks!

Thanks! Confirming. Search term is ഡെൽഹി and bolding chokes on ൽ.
HTML of above link:
<span class='searchmatch'>ഡെ</span>ൽ<span class='searchmatch'>ഹി</span>

As far as I see letters ൽ, ൾ, ർ, ൺ, ൻ are omitted from searchmatch class. I am not sure bug:22371 is related but wish to here.

Still a problem in CirrusSearch, moving to there.

Is this related to Malayalam normalization in ml.wikis ([[:bugzilla:22371]])?

I just tried this and it looks like it works with cirrus. I don't think it is related to bug 22371. At least, not any more.