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Unclear phrasing on OAuth help page
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Author: metatron

On OAuth help page the phrasing in the last parapgrah is not clear.

"Where can I register my own application?[edit | edit source]
Here. (Make sure to use "http://" in the callback URL or the callback won't work!)"

  • Does it mean, you have to specify the protocol together with the domain or
  • does it require the use of http rather than https ?


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Protocol must be specified. It will be sent to the browser with a Location: header, so http or https are probably preferred.

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Updated help page text:

(Make sure to include the protocol (i.e. "http://" or "https://") in the callback URL or the callback won't work!)

@csteipp if you approve of the change I think we can close this documentation task as resolved.

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