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Global equivalent of autoconfirmed group
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I think there should be a global equivalent to "autoconfirmed", so we can avoid requests like this:
It could include editsemiprotected and skipcaptcha, at least. I think 100 edits/10 days would be the maximum we would want.



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There's not a pattern of recurring requests from users having this problem. An ad-hoc global group can be created and temporarily added to an user that really needs to bypass the local autoconfirmed limits, which is a matter for local wikis to decide IMHO.

I can understand the request especially with all universal accounts, though
I wonder about the need at WMF wikis, though maybe external clusters may.

I do not favour a group to do this as users can utilise existing tools to
create their accounts on all wikis. To create a group, add people to it,
... for the very slight inconvenience is a low value proposition.

I suggest that lowest is the priority that can be assigned, and we move on.

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I am declining this task for two reasons: the first is that T62169#1656947 continues to apply. Proof is that since this request was filed on 2014 there has been no request on Meta that I can remember which reported problems with autoconfirmed status on all wikis outside the very few CAPTCHA exemption requests which we've granted accordingly when there was a need for them. Secondly, because global groups can be, and are managed at Meta-Wiki by the stewards, not on Phabricator. Thank you.

Groups can be made by stewards but for the stewards to make such a group there'd need to be a global autopromotion mechanism which I don't think we have.

However given that we've granted local projects requests to modify the requirements to get autoconfirmed status I doubt it'd be easy to have a global autoconfirmed status for Wikimedia wikis which would please them all IMHO.