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Parsoid wrong "red" wikilink handling in <gallery>
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The Parsoid does not give the correct HTML/RDF output by parsing a <gallery> media description, if this one includes a "red" wikilink.

For example, this wikitext:
File:View from connors hill panorama.jpg|[[Tagada Tagada]]

generates this:
<a href="/w/index.php?title=Tagada_Tagada&amp;action=edit&amp;redlink=1" class="new" title="Tagada Tagada (page does not exist)" data-parsoid="{}">Tagada Tagada</a>

...and it should generate something like this (output of "[[Tagada Tagada]]"):
<a rel="mw:WikiLink" href="./Tagada_Tagada" data-parsoid='{"stx":"simple","a":{"href":"./Tagada_Tagada"},"sa":{"href":"Tagada Tagada"},"dsr":[11,28,2,2]}'>Tagada Tagada</a>

At least, the <a> "href" attribute is wrong.

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We currently call out to the PHP gallery extension, which delivers the red link.

Wikia is working on a port of the gallery extension to Parsoid, which will use Parsoid HTML for gallery contents too. I'm hoping that they are soon contributing this code back.

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