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Inconsistent arguments comment/reason/summary for edit messages
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Author: pyfisch

When editing, deleting or protecting a page you can add a message. This message is passed to the methods of the Page object or one of its subclasses. The name of the argument is always different, when editing a page or changing a category it is "comment" when protecting, moving or deleting it is "reason". In it is always "summary", like in the MediaWiki api.

In some scripts like for example they use "editSummary" internall, eg. in

Scripts that have a commandline parameter for an edit summary (always?) call it "-summary".

I propose to change all "reason" and "comment" arguments to "summary" because this is the term used in, in script commandline parameters and by MediaWiki itself.

Version: core-(2.0)
Severity: enhancement



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This messy behavior originates in the MediaWiki API:

  • "reason" is used to make actions that will be logged: [[mw:API:Delete#Parameters]], [[mw:API:Protect#Parameters]], etc.
  • "summary" is used when editing: [[mw:API:Edit#Parameters]]
  • "comment" is used when getting data (both revisions and logs): [[mw:API:Properties#Revisions:_Parameters]], [[mw:API:Logevents#Parameters]]
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Definitely a big +1 for making this area more consistent.

MediaWiki uses "comment" in its database schema as well as several data retrieval entry points, and we are generally using "comment" in RESTBase, including the HTML save API discussed in T101501. If there is broad agreement (based on an RFC, say) to generally move to one of the other names instead, then we'd be happy to follow that as well.

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