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Vector: Logo in sidebar is cut off if browser font-size is too small for 10em to be > 135px
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When viewed on a 4:3 resolution screen (1024x768 resolution) in Konqueror 4.8.5 running on Xubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS using the Vector skin, the logo of some wikis is truncated as shown in the attached screenshots. This affects all pages on the affected wikis that I have viewed.

Known affected Wikis:
Wikimedia UK
ar.wikivoyage (in incubator)

Tested and not affected:
Wikimedia foundation
Meta wiki

The sole determining factor appears to be the width of the logo image.

This does not happen in the Monobook skin in Konqueror, or in either Monobook or Vector when using Firefox 26.

I am unable to test other browsers, operating systems or a different screen on this computer.

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Examples of truncated logos fr.wikiversity and Wikimedia UK (Konqueror 4.85/Linux/Vector/1024x768)


truncated_logos.png (145×276 px, 13 KB)

Could reproduce for on 1440x900px in Konqueror 4.11.5 in Fedora 20.

The affected wikis have logos that are no wider than any of the others (135px).

If anything, they're actually narrower ( has an odd 134px logo).

However most logos (those made by the design team or those customised in a way that is in line with the original versions) have a fair amount of breathing room included in the image.

Konqueror has a consistent rendering of 120px where the 135px image is located. So it's always being cropped, on all wikis.

But those wikis with customised logos without the breathing room are more visibly cut off (cutting into visible pixels instead of transparent margin).

The width is specified as "10em" in Vector based on font-size "html { font-size: 100%; }". This is not a very reliable way to render a fixed-width image indeed. Presumably the default font size in Konqueror is just tad smaller than most browsers.

Perhaps we should add a min-width: to the Vector sidebar?

PS: Monobook is subject to the same bug, though it specifies a width of 12.2em, so the font-size would have to be a lot smaller for that to resolve to 120px.

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We're moving away from these square logos to a wordmark + icon e.g. so I'm going to be bold and decline this old task.