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transcode error reporting should truncate long errors.
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If there's a really long error in transcode (for example due to a "cli progress bar", entire thing is output). This is to the point where it has crashed my browser. Would be better if say the first 750 bytes and the last 750 bytes are shown, with the middle being omitted. Probably best not to even put the super-long error message in the db. (Also be cool if we figure out a command line option to disable the progress bar from being output)

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Example of bug:

*Click on Error in transcode on 2014-02-15T02:06:28 for the 720p transcode
*Note how its a couple megabytes worth of error message! (may freeze your browser)

umange wrote:

Error message truncated by simply creating another one

Shows the difference between the earlier WebTranscodeJobs.php and the updated one.


Id prefer if this used something like $wgContLang->truncate(). C style string munching doesnt work too well for multibyte characters, and seems out of place in php.

Hi Umang! Thanks for your patch!
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