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ULS: Changing language is broken at
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Author: wiki.utar

When I try to change my language via "Traslate to ENGLISH" link that pop-up window is broken. It shows just "uls-select-language" on top and lots of "uls-region"s on the world map when I point my mouse there. It was working few days back and similar tool on Wikidata still does work for me. Changing OS or browser didn't help. Other users have confirmed this bug. for changing languages is broken

Version: unspecified
Severity: major



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Not sure where to put this... server config, FR, ULS?

Utar: Thanks for taking the time to report this! For future reference, also see

Bug 60735 claims the messages now work on Commons. Same on Meta?

Yep, seems to be working again now.

wiki.utar wrote:

Yes, it does work now. Thanks.