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Job Queue handling does not work for shared code (wiki farms)
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The patch is not correct for all cases.

When you have a shared core code (the core code especially the code of
/maintenance being shared by using the symbolic link method for more than one
wiki) the present patch is wrong, because it does not indicate, which Wiki's
job queue is treated.

The present code only runs "php runJobs.php", it missing something like

"php runJobs.php --conf=<path-to-localsettings-of-the-present-wiki>"

I hope, you understand what I mean.

I detected this problem when running the E:ReplaceText (latest git version)
together with latest git version of core, i.e. dated 2014-01-31.

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: major
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skizzerz wrote:

To add, simply adding another flag for --conf will not properly fix this bug, you'll need to allow for complete customization of the command line used (different farms use different methods, --conf may work for one wiki, --wiki might work for another, yet another might be expecting a SERVER_NAME env variable, another may have added their own custom flag, etc.).

See also bug 61367, which asks for a $wg variable to disable spawning a PHP CLI process without having to set the cli php path to an invalid value (thus potentially breaking other things).

Change 113038 merged by jenkins-bot:
Moved job running via $wgJobRunRate to a special API

(In reply to Gerrit Notification Bot from comment #3)

Change 113038 merged by jenkins-bot:
Moved job running via $wgJobRunRate to a special API

Thanks for reporting and committing a patch!

At the moment, I cannot decide whether this patch solves this issue, or not.

It should be fixed in the next 1.23 release (current master).

In gerrit change 118336 it was moved from api to an unlisted special page.

Since it loads the correct settings for the current wiki, it should work now. Marking as resolved.