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On-request job queue handling needs RELEASE NOTES mention
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Gerrit change 59797 was merged without a single mention in RELEASE NOTES, and introduced a change in how Jobs are handled on each request, causing quite some trouble to various installations.

It shouldn't have been merged without a RELEASE NOTES entry in the first place, so let's fix this ASAP.

I've tried my best to document that feature in[1], so please feel free to also improve the documentation.


Version: 1.22.0
Severity: normal
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I don't see where this change was merged into the REL1_22 branch. So is this a question for master instead of the release?

It was merged before the release, ergo it's included in it. You can click "Included in" on gerrit to see all branches that include a change.

I don't know where it was merged into REL1_22, maybe the REL1_22 was created after it was merged, but I can assure you it's implemented in 1.22.

Changing summary anyway, since backport to stable is sufficient to track the merge in 1.22

I would be inclined to revert the change, or at least make the old behavior the default (by adding a new setting that defaults to false).

Assuming that the PHP binary that $wgPhpCli points to can actually run MediaWiki (in the absence of an installer check), and also not logging failures (how can you with background execution?), is unacceptable.

This was all redone a second time in with one more follow up in to shore up some edge cases.

(In reply to Aaron Schulz from comment #5)

This was all redone a second time in with one more follow up in to shore up some edge cases.

Redone? And we only have three lines in release notes?
The 1.22 changes required about a screenful of release notes published on the wiki after the fact, I'm quite sure that won't be enough. Should those changes be backported, so that people don't also have to redo their adjustments and fixes and will have to meet only one new job queue system if they upgrade straight from 1.21- to 1.22.x?

Change 132190 had a related patch set uploaded by MarkAHershberger:
Add release notes for JobQueue changes in 1.22.

Removing target milestone that was in the past.

If you want this in a specific release, have a good reason AND you are willing to find resources to fix this bug, feel free to change it to something appropriate.

Change 132190 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add release notes for JobQueue changes in 1.22.