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Add option to Special:Undelete to display deletion log integrated into page history
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On Special:Undelete, the [un]deletion log is shown separately from page history. While that's useful for quickly identifying who deleted or restored a page and when, it often makes it very difficult to get an accurate picture of a complicated page history. It would be extremely useful to provide an option to show [un]deletion events in their actual historical context, i.e. mixed in with the page history.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
See Also:
T14083: Special:Log should be able to list pages at revision level as well



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I've unmarked this story as being a duplicate of T72239 because that is different, specifically requesting "Add null revisions for page delete and restore events". This task as I envisioned it would be resolved by using database queries and sorting to produce a merged view of existing logs.

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