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Deprecate Skin::bottomScripts(), move use of SkinAfterBottomScripts hook to OutputPage::getBottomScripts()
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Ran into this at [[mw:Thread:Project:Support desk/How to get Piwik code into MobileFrontend?]] and, as a result found this comment right above where the hook is called:

// TODO and the suckage continues. This function is really just a wrapper around
// OutputPage::getBottomScripts() which takes a Skin param. This should be
// cleaned up at some point

Could deprecating Skin::bottomScripts(), and moving the use of the SkinAfterBottomScripts hook to OutputPage::getBottomScripts() fix this?

Version: 1.22.2
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This doesn't really change functionality and it fixes a problem with some extensions (interaction of MobileFrontend and Piwik in this case.

If it is ok, I'd like to target the next 1.22 point release.

Removing target milestone that was in the past.

If you want this in a specific release, have a good reason AND you are willing to find resources to fix this bug, feel free to change it to something appropriate.

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I note that mobilefrontend now also calls the Skin's wrapper around bottom scripts.

In order to deprecate this:

  1. replace direct inclusion of reporttime and bottomscripts, with printTrail() in MobileFrontend/includes/skins/MinervaTemplate.php~
  2. Move the work of Skin::bottomScripts() into printTrail() of BaseTemplate
  3. Make sure SkinTemplate sets bottomscripts of the template to empty string, for backwards compatibility
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