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Code is already on Labs, "just" needs to be fixed to run there. Please join the tool "erwin85" there and help!

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Needs Triage.Nov 22 2014, 2:56 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz60872.

I have had a quick look into this, as I am interested in the tool. Main problem seems to be it uses an old style personal database: u_erwin85.sc_ for caching of the category tree. This seems to be a quick fix, but will need some changes in the include file as well.

Certainly willing to look better into this, my toollabs login is akoopal.

Andre, I have added you as a tool maintainer. Have fun! :-)

Related changes is working, database u_erwin85 replaced with <sqluser>__erwin85 overall and created that database on all database servers. Some quick testing shows most is working, however for commons I get mysql errors. Have looked at the exceptions made for those databases, and I don't see what can be wrong. A second look would be appreciated.

As reported on
the tool seems to be displaying edits made to Wikidata items when the user selects the Portuguese Wikipedia. E.g.:

shows an item like this:

(<a href=" Hjorth&amp;diff=prev&amp;oldid=37957133" title="" tabindex="1">diff</a>) (<a href=" Hjorth&amp;action=history" title="">hist</a>) . . <span class="minor">m</span> <a href=" Hjorth" title="Gregory Hjorth">Gregory Hjorth</a>‎ 11:37. . <a href="" title="User:Haplology">Haplology</a> (<a href="" title="User talk:Haplology">Talk</a> | <a href="" title="Special:Contributions/Haplology">contribs</a>)

but Haplology did not edit Portuguese Wikipedia
and Wikidata shows an edit to the associated item

Ideally, edits to Wikidata whould not be diplayed in this case, or if they do, at the very least the diff and hist links should be fixed to point to the Wikidata edit/history.

I know the issue, at the moment I don't have time to look into this in detail, if I make time I first want to look at why commons is not connecting, and look at making Erwin's other tools work, then I want to look at these kind of things. So if others want to look into this, appreciated.

Quick fix is to just suppress the wikidata edits, better solution would be to mark them as wikidata-edits, link properly to wikidata and make a switch to choose.

I have split of the report above to bug 66874, as it is a different issue.

The tool has been migrated, so I'm closing this bug. Any further issues should be reported as separate bugs.

As it wasn't working on commons after migration, I still considered it not completely migrated. But I have find the cause and it is working now. Just documenting here to be sure.