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[Task] Quantity datatype input extender in UI needed
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Author: sebastian.brueckner

When adding a new quantities property without a range, a default range is assumed (depending on the actual value). There is, however, no indication in the UI prior to saving, that there is a default range and that it can be suppressed by appending ±0.



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The quantity Datatype needs to have an input auto expander!

(This bug is just about the preview.)

aude added a comment.May 23 2014, 7:45 PM

i am being pinged about this by a user, and they are confused about the +/-1 for quantity.

without the option to set precision, it's especially confusing why +/-1 is there

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This task was set to high priority a year ago (2014-04-09) but is in the "needs discussion or investigation" column for Wikidata. Is that priority realistic?

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