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wikilove_log should be replaced with EventLogging
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WikiLove logs actions to a custom database, for analytics purposes. This was before we had EventLogging infrastructure. Since we now do have EventLogging infrastructure, we should migrate to that and ditch the database.

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From an analytics perspective it's not going to make any difference. The only difference is that logging via EL makes the data private by default (we haven't figured out yet a good way to publicly distribute the subset of EL data that is not privacy sensitive – this may or may not happen in the near future). By switching WikiLove logs to EL we will turn data that historically has been publicly accessible via labsdb or the toolserver into private data.

Given that all WikiLove messages are regular edits, this may not be such a big deal (we might consider a dedicated revision tag if we don't have one).

I already implemented a revision tag ('wikilove') that has been merged :) Point taken about wikilove_log being available on labsdb. Perhaps we could just make that log available via an API query...

Using EL is beneficial because it means we don't have to support a custom database table and analytics setup.