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Package Mathoid
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Author: physik

A debian package similar to
is needed to deploy mathoid.
Mathoid works with the same modules as the parsoid package does. So if you have installed parsoid and phantomjs you can simply use mathoid by linking to the modules folders of parsoid.
Furhtermore a debian upstart script is needed.
Can someone help to create a package... and probably more difficould move it to the right place and trigger the steps to deploy the package to a debian repository.

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Severity: normal
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This is almost identical to parsoid, so it should be easy to adapt. I can take this on next week.

In the meantime we should probably split out mathoid from the Math extension repository. We can update the gwicke/mathoid repository on github (added you there as a collaborator), or set up a gerrit repository.

physik wrote:

I clean up the git repo, so that it is in the same state as the repo I used to build the PPA pacakges.
Now I get the following error
0m27.2s DUMP:
00:02:09.223 Selecting previously unselected package mathoid.
00:02:09.224 (Reading database ... 7545 files and directories currently installed.)
00:02:09.224 Unpacking mathoid (from .../mathoid_0.2.1+0~20140321094326.11~1.gbp92f861_amd64.deb) ...
00:02:09.224 dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of mathoid:
00:02:09.224 mathoid depends on nodejs (>= 0.8.0); however:
00:02:09.224 Package nodejs is not installed.
00:02:09.224 mathoid depends on phantomjs (>= 1.9.0); however:
00:02:09.224 Package phantomjs is not installed.
00:02:09.224 mathoid depends on logrotate; however:
00:02:09.225 Package logrotate is not installed.
00:02:09.225 dpkg: error processing mathoid (--install):
00:02:09.225 dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
00:02:09.225 Errors were encountered while processing:
00:02:09.225 mathoid
What does that indicate?

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