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Vector skin needs non-collapsible bits
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Noting the primary concern I'm reporting here with asterisks. Other issues are other bugs. The issue is primarily that it should be possible to specify some bits as non-collapsible.

I want to bring this to the attention of whomever it may concern, this should
also be a priority for all admins that use Google AdSense in their MediaWiki
  • The new default vector skin collapsible sidebar in 1.22+ prevents the
  • extension from displaying advertisements.

    The latest version of the Google AdSense 2 extension has not been updated since 2012. It is not currently being maintained by any active developer.

    This is a concern for anyone looking to use this extension in a 1.22+ update. Updating MediaWiki may break AdSense functionary. This may result in lost ad revenue or possible suspension of AdSense accounts that are not displaying the ads properly.

    Please, I request anyone who could update the extension to work with new updates post an updated extension.

Version: 1.23.0
Severity: enhancement
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