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Hide specific user in recent changes
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Concept for hiding users in recent edits page

It will be good if it will possible to hide specific user(s) from Recent Changes. Sometimes some users flood excesively the Recent Changes page (for example users which uses semi-automatic tools like AWB) hundreds of edits in few minuntes - just one user.

So, i request new feature - to not display edits made by user which username i will in a input (for single session).
I attach a picture: tried to reproduce a possible variant of this thing:)

Severity: enhancement


hide_user.jpg (222×784 px, 48 KB)



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This thing can be very usefull to monitor recent edits by bots
If a bot made several thousands of edits in last 2-3 hours, in recent changes you will see almost only his edits
you need to allow use of parameter &hideuser=username
Enable this thing at least for URLs first. In interface you can add feature later

May be addressed as part of exclude filter in T167224

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Not something the Growth-Team will have time to work on in the short-to-medium term.

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