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Install python module matplotlib
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Author: dr.trigon

Hello admins!

I am setting up DrTrigonBot on Labs (migrating from TS). For this I need and thus request the installation of the 'matplotlib' python module.

Thanks and Greetings

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dr.trigon wrote:

That was FAST! :) Thanks a lot!

But it look like there are config issues open:

<type 'exceptions.RuntimeError'>: Failed to create /var/www/.matplotlib; consider setting MPLCONFIGDIR to a writable directory for matplotlib configuration data

args = ('Failed to create /var/www/.matplotlib; consider ...table directory for matplotlib configuration data',)
message = 'Failed to create /var/www/.matplotlib; consider ...table directory for matplotlib configuration data'

You should set MPLCONFIGDIR yourself at the tool level -- having a config directory shared between all tools doesn't seem useful (and would have access control issues).

It seems matplotlib is no longer installed

tools.phetools@tools-login:~$ python -c "import matplotlib"
Traceback (most recent call last):

File "<string>", line 1, in <module>

ImportError: No module named matplotlib

Same things on the exec nodes and on the web nodes (see the url in the initial report)

Change 135505 had a related patch set uploaded by Tim Landscheidt:
Tools: Install user-requested packages

Change 135505 merged by coren:
Tools: Install user-requested packages