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normal diff links don't redirect to MobileDiff
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When opening a diff link on mobile (such as one from a watchlist email), the desktop view is used.

For diffs between adjacent revisions at least (until MobileDiff can handle multipe-edit-diffs), diff links should redirect to the mobile view.

This would make my mobile workflow 10x better. I want to be able go from a watchlist email straight to the mobile diff view (and then thank people for good edits, yay!).

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Change 148613 had a related patch set uploaded by Florianschmidtwelzow:
Redirect to mobile diff page

Seems to be fixed now. If there are still any discrepancies, let me know.

Change 148613 merged by jenkins-bot:
Redirect to mobile diff page

Apparently, there were two separate issues with this bug:

  1. We weren't trying to redirect regular diffs to the MobileDiff view (this is fixed by
  2. Non-canonical URLs do not get redirected to mobile by Varnish on purpose (so as not to cause problems with certain API calls, etc.) This is bug 70312.

Bug 70312 is a WONTFIX, so what we actually need to do now is reduce the number of interfaces that create non-canonical diff links in MediaWiki, especially when those links are likely to be used on a mobile device.

Sage: Do you remember where the link you were trying to follow came from? Echo maybe?

What is the current situation with this?

I think we took this discussion to IRC back in September, but the current situation is that it's still an issue.

The main place where I get these non-redirected links on a daily basis is from watchlist emails. So I guess the solution is to have those watchlist emails send canonical urls?

@Ragesoss can you paste a sample URL that is not redirecting? Thanks :D

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Duplicate of T72318