VisualEditor Math plugin displayed equation becomes jumbled during and after editing if using MathJax


Split off from bug 43058.

Editing the last equation at

if you actually make a change to the text of the equation the displayed equation becomes very jumbled. Any vertical positioning is lost, and text from different lines are overlaid on top of each other.

This happens with Chrome on a Mac.

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Screenshot of garbled output

This is a screenshot of the type of output obtained. You need MathJax on and image will become garbled as soon as the formula is edited with the VisualEditor formulae editing beta feature.


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The problem seems to be a clash of CSS styling. MathJax makes heavy use of position: absolute, position: relative and setting the top, and left properties eg

<span style="position: absolute; clip: rect(1.501em 1000.003em 2.347em -0.518em); top: -2.145em; left: 0.003em;">...</span>

yet this is all rendered to nothing by the CSS rule

.ve-ce-protectedNode, .ve-ce-protectedNode * {

position: relative !important;
top: 0 !important;
left: 0 !important;
bottom: 0 !important;
right: 0 !important;


If you comment out these css properties the MathJax displays OK.

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