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Turn off automatic capitalization on Chinese Wiktionary
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Author: jus168jih

For long time, English Wiktionary had automatic capitalization of article names,
but it has been cancelled to distinguish common and proper nouns. As an
administrator at Chinese Wiktionary with 3000 articles, I would like to request
any developer to cancel automatic capitalization of article names there.
Otherwise, there will be more pages to move and it will be more time-consuming.

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Severity: major



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jus168jih wrote:

A month ago, there were just more than 1000 articles at Chinese Wiktionary, but
a very active user just added thousands of new articles. Please turn off
autocapitalisation on ZH Wiktionary as soon as possible, or thousands of
articles will have to be moved.

Changed the setting and ran the bulk-rename script.

jus168jih wrote:

Unfortunately, the links to templates have been disturbed as well. That will
require a major change in articles and other namespaces.

gangleri wrote:

(In reply to comment #3)

Changed the setting and ran the bulk-rename script.

*marginal note*
It seams that the bulk-rename script is renaming also "Main Page" to "main
Page". I noticed that "interwiki_prefix:Main_page|interwiki_prefix:" is a common
abreviation. Maybe one could avoid that the script generates this double redirect.

I mention this here because it migth take some time to (re-)create a redirect
from [[Main Page]]. See
[Bug Bugzilla 321607] copy and past does not preserve original content

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]