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Flow lacking accesskeys for preview/submit
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It seems Flow has not defined any HTML accesskeys for previewing/submitting posts and topics.

The default accesskey "p" should be added to the "Preview" button.
The default accesskey "s" should be added to the "Reply"/"Add Topic"/"Submit changes" buttons when replying to a topic/adding a topic or editing a post respectively.

Docs (I'm not sure which of these are most uptodate):

See also T158779: {CTRL} + {ENTER} should post a post in flow



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A request for Ctrl-Enter (Cmd-Enter) to "Save" an edit, via twitter: (and the previous onwiki discussion I linked above, also suggested this standard key combination)

Ctrl+Enter is currently taken over by UniversalLanguageSelector. T106700

Is there a different shortcut we could use?

We could use the standard accesskey mechanism, and the same keys for save (corresponding to Flow submit) and preview (corresponding to Flow "switch to VE") as standard edit pages (mouse over the save and preview buttons).

Frankly, I think the ULS should get a different shortcut then. Simple question:

  • How many people will use the ULS often enough to remember and use a shortcut, per day?
  • How many people will save a comment on a Flow talk page, using the pseudo-standard shortcut (used by gmail, phabricator, etc.), per day?

Principle of least surprise, people...

First of all the long established accesskeys (with "S" for saving and "P" for preview respectively) should be added to Flow.

If we add yet another - currently non-standard (in the Wikimedia world) - possibility for submitting (like Ctrl+Enter) is not within the scope of the bug as far as I'm concerned.

Well, it's "non-standard in the Wikimedia world" because we didn't decide to use it as a standard. There is no Wiki God (sorry, Jimbo!) declaring "the standard". There is only us.

And Echo is being introduced for the same reason Visual Editor is: Because "our ways" don't cut it for the mere rest of the world. There, WYSIWYG editing is standard. So is Crtl/Cmd-Enter to save.

I use alt(+shift)+s to save in articles, which is specified when hovering over the save-button (in wikicode-mode). That should be standard for Flow as well.