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UploadWizard: Remove "|other_fields=" from default {{Information}} template
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Parameters "other_fields" and "other_fields_1" are mostly meant for use by other templates customizing {{Information}} template but they sometimes could be used by experienced users when combined with {{Information_field}} template. The field is a hack meant for injecting HTML code into the table created by {{information}} template, in order to add additional fields. The field should not be included unless is needed. Otherwise unexperienced users use the field in a manner not intended and break the HTML structure of the page. In the past that was resulting in pages which rendered correctly in some browsers and incorrectly in others.

The default upload by the UploadWizard should not include "|other_fields=" field. The earlier upload tools did not add nor does the recommended empty template on the {{Information}} template documentation.

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Change 114697 had a related patch set uploaded by 01tonythomas:
Removed "|other_fields=" from default {{Information}} template

Change 114697 merged by jenkins-bot:
Removed "|other_fields=" from default {{Information}} template

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