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Add !log entries from #-operations to logstash
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I'm actually already doing this in the logstash labs instance for #-labs messages. One of the challenges in prod is that we wouldn't want all 3 logstash nodes to attach to the channel at the same time. We'd get duplicate messages and nick conflicts.

Version: wmf-deployment
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Also, you don't want duplicate entries from eg scap logging directly to logstash then also via the !log output in -operations. Thought of as I reported bug 62177 (localisation updates in logstash).

I have a pet project running in Labs that addresses this: It won't make the !log messages visible in the same Kibana interface as normal Logstash traffic but it does get them all into an Elasticsearch index.

I have a tool up that gives a little nicer interface for classic SAL browsing behavior:

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