Don't duplicate the list of lists
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This is only meant to be for mailing lists that will have some interaction with Phabricator I thought. I'm not sure why wikitech-l is there.

mailinglists is an app to manage lists that can be ref'd like a user for CC, etc. There will be no unique content, and it's not a way to manage a mailinglist, just a contact.

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Right, which makes sense for wikibugs-l, but not wikitech-l. We don't CC that whole list on bugs.

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It's definitely not a duplicate of

But it must be prevented that it will ever be. What guarantees do we have that people won't start adding more stuff there? We already have enough duplication with
The page should clearly state that it's forbidden to add more lists unless absolutely required for fixing a bug.

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What guarantees do we have that people won't start adding more stuff there?

The same guarantees that people won't start a list of lists in yet another wiki page or somewhere else.

It's a quite hidden page. It's clearly out of the documentation circuit. I don't think we can hide it without causing a collateral problem of restricted permissions somewhere. If you ever see someone adding lists there pointlessly, please reopen. In the meantime, I really think this is a legitimate Declined task.