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Detect image loading from production, pull those images into beta cluster
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Specifically because of this:

The icons come from

Same issue other places as well, eg:
which loads the acrobat.gif from

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See also bug 37245 (previous version of this bug)

Oh, that's smarter than I thought...

So, if the file is available on upload.beta, the it's served from there. If it isn't, it fails over to upload.wikimedia? Not bad.

Renaming bug and resetting priority to clarify the new goal :)

The ideal (something like):

  1. Define a set of pages that are high use in (auto/manual) testing
  2. Detect (daily?) any image loads from those pages that are from production
  3. Fetch them from production and put them into beta cluster

We do have instant commons and the foreignApi backend file system of doom. So in theory all images are looked locally on beta cluster, then on beta commons and finally on the production commons.

When production goes down (like this morning) Beta Cluster can't get images that are hardcoded, eg the main page:

Selection_016.png (289×1 px, 38 KB)

It still feels icky to depend on prod in any way.