Echo: yellow talkpage message indicator not getting dismissed properly
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Two editors, Risker and Matanya, are reporting that they cannot get the yellow "You have new messages" indicator to disappear, even after directly visiting their usertalkpage.

I confirmed with Matanya that these were the steps he followed:

  • You get a talkpage message.
  • You visit your talkpage (via any method: either a direct link, or clicking on a


  • The yellow "You have new messages" text does not disappear.

Onwiki discussion is at

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


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Ori did a quick check in the database for me, and noted that there was not a row for Risker in the user_newtalk table, which is what generates the OBOD/yellow thingy, so I suspect there's some caching issue.

Can Risker and Matanya try a hard refresh and clear their browser cache? Does it go away then?

Yes crtl+shift+R on firefox clears it.

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Anyone recall this being reported anywhere since February?

I moved on, and now using compact personal bar, so no more yellow stuff for me.

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Given the lack of known recent reports, it sounds like it was probably a transient issue. If it happen(s/ed) again, please re-open.

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