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Allow/enforce lowercase, hyphenated page URLs
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Author: mcb

Currently pages have URLs like:

In some contexts it may be preferred to use formats like:

So, this is an enhancement request for options to allow and require all-lowercase URLs (specifically, for the page portion) and to set the allowed separator(s), for example the hyphen instead of the underscore.

It would be desirable to have such URL customization options in the HTML UI or via LocalSettings.php, not with complex configurations in multiple places.

To make it really easy, there could be an option to set the URL format to "Wikipedia Style", "WordPress Style" or "Custom".

Thank you for your hard work and consideration.

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Severity: enhancement



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If you really want it, uou could do this by setting $wgCapitalLinks=false, $wgRestrictDisplayTitle=false, then using the lowercase-hyphenated variant as actual page names and adding {{DISPLAYTITLE:Capitalcase Standard}} to each page.

(Of course that's not a very pleasant solution, but it looks workable to me.)$wgCapitalLinks$wgRestrictDisplayTitle

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