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Diff of image pages don't have js execute properly even though needed for file history
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View a diff on an image page for an ogv or webm. Go to the file history section. Play button is too far right, and clicking links to video instead of playing it.

Probably some of TMH JS (but not all) is not being loaded properly

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Gilles subscribed. and friends might help with this. I haven't tested yet, but i'll put it on my list.

It seems that an image page is not copying it's modules into the destination page. An imageoutput is not just parseroutput of course, but also the file, the file history etc...., Categories and File pages are special in that way.... And that is why the player is not loading.

Actually, only mw.PopUpMediaTransform seems to be missing. Which is strange, since all of that is added at the same time... Perhaps it's a parser cache issue with old pages ?

Ah no, that's on the 'old version'. The new version (as on beta labs) seems to have none of the modules in this case. Probably because the main file is missing, and the history table is calling transform directly.

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Seems this has actually become worse now that T74675 was closed.

Change 248998 had a related patch set uploaded (by TheDJ):
Add module dependencies for files in the file history

Change 248998 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add module dependencies for files in the file history

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