VisualEditor: Create relocatable markers for complex shapes, e.g. block templates
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Right now you can re-position an inline transclusion in the same way as images, with a click-drag feature. Unfortunately this isn't set for block transclusions.

This is particularly irritating for suers because when you initially insert a transclusion we assume it's inline, so let them move it, but then when they re-open the page it's now magically un-moveable.

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Relocatable doesn't work on block elements atm. We have it enabled for block images, but it breaks.

Abandoned that, the test case I was using appears to be an edge case, it actually works ok.

The problem here is not block templates, but that the CE HTML is <div wrapper><table float:right/></div>, and the relocatable marker takes it's dimensions from the <div> (which has no height).

In ProtectedNode we solve this by drawing boxes around _every_ descendent. Ideally we'll come up with a better solution before we start add drag handlers to them.

Was this fixed by the changes to GCNs?

I'm declaring that it was.

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