VisualEditor: Cursor skips by one character for Thai characters (expected skipping by one block)
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In Thai language, it is possible that many characters (at most 3 or 4) will be on top each other. For example, "ที่" consists of three characters: "ท", "ี", and "่". In standard textbox/textarea, including normal wikieditor, when you press left, the cursor will go left by 1 block = 3 characters in case of "ที่". However, for VE's editor, it will go left by only 1 character, making editors feel that he unsuccessfully pressed the key. More importantly, with the way VE's editor is, it opens possibility that editors, thinking that the cursor is after "่", will accidentally insert text between "ี" and "่".

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Note that VE produces the correct behavior for deleting text. For example, "ที่" requires 3 backspaces in order to delete it. It has already been correct. Just only iterating through letters that is wrong.

Thank you very much for this bug report; it's very clear.

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