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Provide description of linked Phabricator objects in tooltips
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Some time ago it was added to the CodeReview extension the feature of showing a tooltip to the r999 links containing a summary of the corresponding revision. This is cool!

I think it would be very useful to have this kind of tooltips also for Phabricator links on Gerrit, displaying the summary of the bug (to avoid opening a link just to read its title). E.g. in the bugs listed at

Version: wmf-deployment
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The bug title does not describe a bug but a solution or feature / new functionality. Hence setting priority to enhancement.

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Buzilla is no longer being used it is now phabricator.

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This isn't quite as easy as the task description implies. In CodeReview, we were working with the same data source (all the same SVN commits were in that same database, so easy to pull rSVN1234 data into it). In this case, we'd need to hit the Phab API and return the data back to Gerrit.

Would require a plugin, if someone's willing to write it.

This will have to be written for polygerrit's ui since gwtui has begun to be removed upstream. We can still make it for gwtui but it will need to support polygerrit ui too.

IMHO that upstream ticket does not really explain what you are asking for. If you are "not sure how to create a polygerrit plugin that does this" you should explain over there what you have already tried and at which exact point you failed and why.